So what is our one word brand?

Sure I network on LinkedIn and other social media sites for work and I have met new business owners, new customers, and developed some great working relationships. A business owner a few weeks ago made a comment to me that he didn’t understand why I had offered to help him out with his business since I wasn’t getting paid for the help I provided. While he did express his appreciation I thought the question was odd and it got me to thinking. By the way, I reached out to help him because a very good friend of mine had reached out to see if I would lend him a hand. I am always glad to help others when possible.

So who am I? I am someone who enjoys helping others, not just in my personal world, but in my work world as well. My mission in work is to help other consumers find the best company to do business with & how to find the right company. Even if you ask me about other good roofing companies to bid against my own company – I will tell you. I have had more than once experience hiring the wrong contractor, once for my home and second was getting work done on my car. While it was 20 years ago, I have made it my mission to learn contractors, the trades and share my knowledge both good and bad about what I’ve learned with others, when asked.

I can’t understand why many just don’t care how they perform their jobs anymore – I guess I never will except that it takes all kinds of people to make this world what it is today. For me, I am who I am and I stay true to self and others. So if you ask me I will tell you. I value my customers and I will go out of my way to help them with roofing or something other than roofing. Even if you are not a customer that’s okay too, if you need my help for roofing or something other than roofing then just ask me. I’ll certainly do what I can.

So what is my brand? I asked a number of people what they thought my one brand word would be… the answer I got back was “effective“. The replies were pretty consistent saying that they knew I would deliver results. I was very grateful for the replies, however, I never think about myself when I help others solve problems, look for answers, and/or share my thoughts. I just like what I do… that’s bringing value to others to help.

So what’s your brand word? I like being “effective” meaning…. “successful in producing a desired or intended result”