The things we see on TV lures us all to make a purchase whether it’s for food, a new car, a new home, new furniture, and the list goes on. All things visual have an impact on everyone. There was a study that was published in American Economic Review, that we will pay more when it is physically in front of us. By the way interesting article to read.

Just this past weekend I purchased 2 new windows for my home – 6 more to go, but buying windows for my home isn’t my idea of fun money. Point, I got a great demo of how their product was made better than the competitors; with these great flexible seals etc and they are not the most expensive windows out there yet they were not the cheapest nor the highest. Now I’m curious to see my windows when they get installed to see if I get what I paid for and what I was shown during the sales pitch. (which by the way I hated). The fact was I had already done my homework on windows and companies and I really just wanted to purchase 2 windows! My findings left me feeling confident that my windows would be a good investment and savings and my install would be what I expect it to be. We will soon see.

But lets talk about another purchase…. it’s the one purchase I find most confusing! Commercial Real Estate. The building is a true asset and the #1 thing that protects that building is the roof. Go figure…. 🙂 I smiled saying that. Many owners never do anything to maintain the roof and when I ask them why, I hear “never see it”. The truth is they don’t ever see it and they don’t think about it until it leaks inside the building. A commercial system is so multi layered that by the time water makes it inside the building imagine how much water the multi layered system has absorbed. I also see how much money is spent out on service repairs and do you have any idea in this millennial time how many skilled labor workers are truly out there? I did use the word skilled!Not very many and if you do find one who really knows their trade they do not come cheap. So let me say this…. if you are getting a roofing deal for a cheap labor rate be very mindful that you might be getting your money’s worth. A great tradesman is worth their pay. That’s why at Tecta America Carolinas (a company I researched before coming to work here) – does not have the cheapest rates nor the highest. We have maintain a great team and some have been here 10+ years. They work extremely hard in harsh conditions at times and they do really good work. The point is, if we lost them I can tell you first hand the really good skilled workers are just not out there looking for work. WHY? The companies who employ them know they have to be paid in order to keep them. Have you ever had work done poorly? If you have you know exactly what I’m talking about. So give Tecta America Carolinas one opportunity to earn your business. I hope you will! contact me dosmith@tectaamerica.com *a thought to leave you with – if you pick a bad roof installer who does a poor job — guess what – you got that roof. They do NOT take it off and start all over again! Contact a company with a reputation and score >2500.



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