Everyone has a roof over their head…

At some point we all have to call on a roofer. The problem that we all find difficult is knowing who is the best contractor to call? Always a good question and not for just roofing.  Lord knows I have experience a few bad contractors a number of years ago and that is why I decided it was time for me to learn!  Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?? Well, I’ve done just that. I now have a small list not a large one of various trades who I’m certain of their workmanship, customer service and their pricing. Not only have I used them, but I really checked up on them. I have also referred them out using my name and I always speak the right act every time I share I referral with them. Now, I personally work for a reputable roofing company and I came from a not so good roofing company. BTW– that’s why I’m not there and I came here (where I work now). So what’s my point in all this…. when you do need a good roofing company or other trade for your home or business, I do hope you’ll reach out and trust that I will provide you with information that will help point you in the best direction. Someone has to be the good guy! #dosmith@tectaamerica.com





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