About Service

THIS IS HOW I CAN HELP: @ **dosmith@tectaamerica.com** (Roof Leak or Roof Project – contact me for assistance)
Today I decided to change my summary so for those of you who read this will know how I can actually lend a helping hand in various areas:

* Commercial Roofing – all kinds (for leak repairs, maintenance work, & projects)

* Multi -Family Roofing – all kind (for leak repairs, maintenance work, & projects)

* Other Reputable Trade Contacts To Share: (just by asking): Electrical, Concrete, Asphalt, Painters, Landscaping, Grading, Residential & Commercial on listed trades, & Lighting

*AND if I don’t have someone for you – I help you look! — Who else will do that???? My job is to help make your job go smoother and be successful.

* I help educate the consumer about roofing and tell them when there are other options available – because I understand that sometimes it just has to be about the budget! The truth is when you take a lesser option it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a wrong option either. For answers to your questions – ASK ME! I’m glad to help find solutions.

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