why not ask this question????

I cannot figure this one out, but I’m working on it. Why do so many facility and property managers call and just ask for a roof replacement price? Why is it that they just assume they need a new roof when that is not always the case. Sure they have roof leaks and maybe the roof has some years on it, but that doesn’t mean it has no life expectancy use left. While my title might be Business Development I assure sure I have been on a number of various roof types in the four (4) years since I have been in roofing. Not that I had to, but I wanted to because I wanted to understand the ins and outs of roofing better so I could help others. Something for facility and property managers to think about: “Why not call and ask a roofing company to assess your roof and make recommendations rather than assume you need a roof replacement?”  BUT PLEASE KNOW THE REPUTATION OF THE ROOFING COMPANIES YOU PICK! Pick more than one company to get an assessment. Today there are options – yes CHOICES!

I’ve seen repairs done by others where they used the wrong product on a repair and no way was that going to keep the water out. I wondered if it was done on purpose or was it because the person performing the task was not properly trained? I’m sharing a link about roofing that I thought was very educational and I hope you will too.

A roof doesn’t always have to be a complete tear off, you can do recover depending on certain circumstances, choosing a proper coating product that you can get a warranty with, and/or making repairs.  While every roof has to be evaluated individually there are ways to buy time with a roof replacement. There are many manufacturer’s out there as well. Some even provide free evaluations. Because your roof will not stop leaking; do not assume that you have no choice but to replace it. That in itself may not be true! Perhaps what your roof needs is just the proper repairs. I’ve known roofing companies who purposely made poor repairs just to get a roof.  Imagine that…. !  Reputation of any trade is essential when meeting the needs of your property.  So for one company with a reputation you can be assured with contact me with any questions:dosmith@tectaamerica.com.

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