Choices-Choices, But Which One?

So many commercial consumers come to us and ask for the least expensive roofing system. Of course I understand it’s to save money and come in less than the budget. But are you really saving money? Picking a roof system for a commercial building really takes some understanding about your choices. So if you would ask me which roof system would I pick? My answer would be, “It depends on ….. the type of building; the type of deck; the location and geographical area; the environment to which it will be exposed; the design of the roof structure; the budget limitations; the expected service life; and the availability of materials.”  When trying to decide your roofing system it requires education in the fundamentals of roofing science and continual updating of acquired knowledge.

A few facts: if you have a good bit of traffic on your roof select a membrane with good puncture resistance or provide walk way pads.Structural deck load bearing capacity should be known. Consult someone with knowledge, long term experience, impartial people and institutions who have been involved in assessing the properties of these materials.The effect of pollutants are key factors for long service life. Don’t just let the cheapest price be your main reason for choosing your roof membrane. You may find that the lowest cost you chose up front may be real expensive at time passes.

Know the background of your roofing company! Workmanship, application details and quality control are as important as the material itself. The higher their workmanship rating the better they are known for their installations.  Our rating is >2500. Our EMR is .55. Another important factor, is a companies turn over rate.  For more information visit   As always it’s a pleasure to service all our customers.  Thank you taking time to visit my post.  ds


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