I’ve been thinking and the conclusion of my thoughts are OMG the construction world is really competitive and the majority of the time you get the job not because you have a great safety score or a great reputation for workmanship, but you will most likely get the job if you are just the low $$ on the table. That’s well and good I suppose – it is what it is and I’m pretty certain that is not going to change.

What hurts  when you know people within companies and they come back only to tell you that the low bidder they chose for their roof project was a bad choice.  I always hate to hear news like that, but when it comes to roofing once you get that installer’s roof – you got it. No matter how much $$ you spend for a roof it is still only going to be as good as it’s installer.

Reputation of a company says a lot, so why as a consumer do we not take the time to investigate? Heck, I’ve even been asked if I would recommend other roofing companies to bid a roof project along with us. Guess what… I do. The reputation of my current employer is why I joined them.

Tecta Carolinas is here to provide customers with high quality service with a great customer service experience. No we are not the cheapest $$ on the table nor are we the highest $$ on the table. So why invest in us ??…. We can provide you with enough references, recognition from manufacturer’s, not to mention we can get unlimited bonding, our construction score is >2500, our EMR is .55, and we offer help with other trade referrals, we answer our phones, we provide options, we are honest with our assessments of your roof and we don’t try to push you into buying something from us, we provide tools to help you with decisions and help managing your property. Better yet, we are a nationwide company www.tectaamerica.com.

We want to earn the business of our customers and that is exactly what we do!

written to educate our consumers, something to think about, and I’m a big consumer advocate for doing good business


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